Stadium and arena

An easier and smarter way to make a profit!

With Thermvac Coffee Backpack you can sell to spectators in the stands directly. With a capacity of 11 liters you can easely serve a large number of customers without queues or other disadvantages that sales over the counter means. What tastes better than a cup of hot drink before and during the game?

Thermvac Back Thermos is a smart back container with easy handle tap.

Just listen to what the soccer club Start says:

«We engage youths to sell. Sales per unit is on average $ 470-620. Especially coffee sales provide a major contribution. We take $ 3,5 pr cup and the profit is over $ 3. This is a good income, that also delivers value through contacts with our fans. »

Martin Stallemo, kiosk manager at Sør Arena, Start Football AS