With Thermvac Portable Catering Equipment you can serve customers everywhere. This equipment is very useful at both small and large events, all year round.

An easier way to earn money is hard to find! Just listen to Martin Stallemo, kiosk manager at the soccer club Start, when he talks about the Coffee Backpack:

«We are selling for arround $ 470 to 620$ pr match pr coffee backpack. We take $ 3,5 pr cup, and the profit is over $3 pr cup! This is a very good income.»


Coffee Backpack

The Coffee Backpack is perfect for selling hot and cold non-carbonated drinks, all year around!

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Sales box for ice cream

Sales Box for ice cream comes in white plastic with a padded shoulder strap.

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Sales tray

Thermvac Sales Tray can be used to sell a huge variety of products

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